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Death Penalty: Zombie Football Review

There was a time when you could step onto the fictional football field in your favourite sports simulation game without having to worry about the problem of outside interference: the bad weather, the swathes of furiously-shouting fans hurling sharply-worded verbal abuse in your direction, the walking undead advancing slowly but menacingly towards your position for the sole purpose of turning you into a light afternoon snack. Yes, you read that section of the sentence correctly.

Miami Shark Review

Whether you are a fan of Jaws or have the desire to watch a city burn to the ground as a result of a shark, then you might want to consider having a go at Miami Shark, a highly-destructive shark attack game from Mausland.

English Learning Games Reviewed

Playing With Language: Best Learning English Games for All Abilities

Learn English: Sentence Master

Sentence master is an extremely clever app designed by educators to really make is players think about the composition, context, and overall structure of thousands of different sentences in the English language.  Developer Masterkey Pro has designed this app with what is arguably the perfect combination of educational approach and “gamification” of the English-learning process.