The House 2

The House 2

There are very few games out there with the ability to create as much suspense, anticipation, and confusion in one sitting as the nail-biting The House 2. Not since the well-known fright-fest of FEAR for the PC has there been such a chilling flash-based title that unsettles the nerves and instils extreme paranoia for days afterwards. The original game was a great success, and now The House 2 has us back exploring a poorly-lit house that was once the setting for an horrific series of suicides, overturning photographs, peering into rooms, and exploring the surroundings in order to piece together the horrible happenings of the past that have some terrifying manifestations in the present.

The House 2 is identical to its predecessor in terms of its format where you must simple point at and click on various objects in the surroundings to reveal various clues as to what happened and also pointing you towards what you must do next. The challenge isn’t in the discovering of the items themselves since the cursor changes when you roll it over any interactive objects, but it is the piecing together of the story that makes the game challenging. Many of the actions are require you to click on certain objects a number of times before anything happens, increasing the suspense when something does finally take place, since it often happens in a very sudden fashion.

The extremely tense atmosphere and simmering suspense of the game comes from its design; the visuals are in a distinctive black-and-white style, with the chilling music and piercing sound effects punctuating the visual style as the darkness draws you in and distracts you from the outside world, your desktop, and even your browser. This ensures that you are fully immersed in the action and results in a rolling tension that continues throughout. Watch out for the linking scenes between the rooms because some of them contain a few jumpy moments. For maximum terror, try playing with the lights off and the volume turned up to eleven.

The beauty of The House 2 lies in the design of the game. After all, there isn’t that much gameplay to speak of as such, but rather an immersive, interactive experience with moody monochrome style and a few twists as the tale develops. If you’re committing to playing through the entire thing, just make sure you are prepared for the frights that await you from Sinthai

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