Robot Unicorn Attack

Robot Unicorn Attack

Most of us have played distance-based running games in the past, but it is unlikely that anyone will have come across a game as absurd as Robot Unicorn Attack. With the aim to reach a large of a distance as possible whilst running across rapidly-changing terrain that approaches very quickly, Robot Unicorn Attack is an extremely addictive and entertaining title, and probably the only flash game to have Erasure playing over the top of everything.

The gameplay isn’t much different from many other games out there which involve endless running since you simply have to control the movement of a robotic unicorn across the quickly-moving, rainbow-covered scenery. Though everything looks extremely soft on the eye, don’t be fooled by the dreamy design since the game is much tougher than it initially looks. Though you don’t have direct control over the speed of the unicorn, you are able to jump with the ‘Z’ button and perform a dash with the 'X' key which smashes through the solid star-like objects that sometimes block your path. If you smash into the terrain or these star-shaped items, then your turn ends. You have three turns in order to accumulate the best score possible after which you simply begin again.

It is important to time your jumps and dashes carefully since there are many gaps in the ground which you can easily fall in to, and there are just as many dangers on the ground in the form of raised pieces of terrain and narrow sections where a mistimed jump could mean the end of the round for you. The longer you are able to stay alive, the higher your score will become. Handily, you are informed in advance about an imminent obstacle via an on-screen warning that prompts you to ‘dash’, which will allow you to smash through the obstacle and let you continue on your way.

As far as distance-based games go, Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack isn't exactly groundbreaking in terms of the level of skill required to be successful in the game, but the novelty of the intensely bright and playful colours, the bizarre notion of the existence of a robotic unicorn, and the Erasure song playing in the background add an amusing sense of silliness to the game that most other distance-based titles cannot hope to create. Though the novelty value may wear off, the gameplay is addictive enough to make you want to come back for more.

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