Miami Shark

Miami Shark

Whether you are a fan of Jaws or have the desire to watch a city burn to the ground as a result of a shark, then you might want to consider having a go at Miami Shark, a highly-destructive shark attack game from Mausland.

You are unlikely to find a game outside this series that is as ridiculous and as destructive as this, since it allows you to take control of a shark with seemingly superhuman strength and invulnerability as he swims around the coast of Miami causing trouble down under with nothing but his deadly bite and his comedy sunglasses. The premise of this series of games is really exactly how it sounds: you must take control of a shark swimming through the waters of Miami and destroy pretty much anything that can be destroyed by jumping in and out of the water, smashing through fish, boats, humans, and various airborne vehicles such as planes and hang-gliders.

Each explosion you cause and every death that you are responsible for gives you points that accumulate on your multi-mile cruise up the beautiful and unsuspecting coast of Miami.

You must use the directional arrows to ease the shark in and out of the water, and the Ctrl button to make him chomp down on anything in range.

On your journey, you will encounter a wide range of prey including scuba divers in the water, people going about their human ways in various harbours and on a variety of boats.

Each explosion is worth a multiplier point, and once you reach a certain number of explosions, the wheel of shark will spin and award you even more points. Perhaps the most entertaining and challenging part of the game is taking down the different planes and aircraft that fly overhead. With these vehicles, you must jump out of the water and bite down on the indicated areas.

Once you have a hold on the plane, you must rapidly tap the downwards directional arrow to bring the plane towards the water. Once immersed, the plane will explode and often cause a chain reaction that causes other boats around it to combust also.

There isn't really an end-game to the points system, since they simply accumulate and don' seem to have any real significance at the end apart from a place on the leader's board, but the fun of ticking off each type of plane you manage to destroy has almost a collector's joy about it.

The utterly outrageous nature of the premise also adds to the value of this shark game series by Mausland, since not many other games allow you to take control of a shark and wreak havoc in Australia (aside from Sydney Shark). Though the physics could do with a bit of work, realism probably isn't high on the developers list of priorities here, with the game instead opting for the dramatic and explosive angle as opposed to the highly-realistic and visually-refined one. It is an extremely basic game and doesn't have many miles of replay value unlike app titles such as Future Games Hungry Shark Evolution, but it is hugely fun while it lasts.

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