• English Learning Games

    English Learning Games

    Given that English is one of the most-spoken languages on the planet, it isn’t surprising that there is a wealth of resources out there to help people of all abilities to learn and speak it. There are some very well-known, highly-functional apps and programs out there such as Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel – these are excellent for dedicating a serious amount of time to, having helped millions of people worldwide towards their goal of speaking a new language.

    However, the focus here is learning-English games, with a specific emphasis on the “game” aspect. This review will cover some of the best English learning games and apps available today. There may some familiar names among the list, like the sensational Words With Friends, an app that has become wildly popular and can be a particularly useful tool for putting words of the English language into context and regular use. Some of the apps are heavier on the educational aspect of learning English, with GRE Vocabulary building and Ultimate English Vocabulary Prep being extremely useful for students of the English language looking to take their GRE test and other exams.


  • Diner Tapper Dash

    Diner Tapper Dash

    Following in the footsteps of the famous Root Beer Tapper by Midway, Diner Tapper Dash gives the concept of frantic drink serving a facelift and brings it successfully into the 21st century with a bang!


  • Pokemon Tower Defense 2

    Pokémon Tower Defense 2

    In terms of the gameplay itself, Pokémon Tower Defense 2 feels relatively similar to its predecessor, since battles are still fought in the classic tower-defense style with Pokémon as the towers. You enter into both wild and trainer battles against multiple and single Pokémon equipped with a team of six active Pokémon that can be chosen from a potentially infinite number of Pokémon that you have captured beforehand.


  • Best Platform Games on Android

    Best Platform Games on Android

    As an ageing, old-school gamer that tends to glorify the likes of Mario and Donkey Kong while sneering at modern games, it’s quite difficult to be a straight-faced gamer today. Even so, most gamers have come to accept that modern game developers are coming up with modern platformer games, and even worse, they’re actually very good. We’ve all been exposed to the best and the worst of platform games on this better-than-iOS medium, but below is a compilation of some of the greatest of the great. From the fantasy stylings of Magic Rampage and the visually spectacular Platform Panic, to new kids on the block making platform-shaped waves in the form of Flabby Kid – this article covers the new Android platform games you need to hear about


  • The House 2

    The House 2

    There are very few games out there with the ability to create as much suspense, anticipation, and confusion in one sitting as the nail-biting The House 2. Not since the well-known fright-fest of FEAR for the PC has there been such a chilling flash-based title that unsettles the nerves and instils extreme paranoia for days afterwards. The original game was a great success, and now The House 2 has us back exploring a poorly-lit house that was once the setting for an horrific series of suicides, overturning photographs, peering into rooms, and exploring the surroundings in order to piece together the horrible happenings of the past that have some terrifying manifestations in the present.


  • Death Penalty

    Death Penalty

    There was a time when you could step onto the fictional football field in your favourite sports simulation game without having to worry about the problem of outside interference: the bad weather, the swathes of furiously-shouting fans hurling sharply-worded verbal abuse in your direction, the walking undead advancing slowly but menacingly towards your position for the sole purpose of turning you into a light afternoon snack. Yes, you read that section of the sentence correctly.


  • Swords and Sandals

    Swords and Sandals

    If you plucked an average Roman gladiator out of B.C times and gave him a tour around the earth today, he would likely be physically repulsed and hugely disappointed with the way that humans have turned out. You've got people doing Crossfit in an attempt to pass it off as 'real' exercise, millions of football fans convinced that the game they love is actually a sport (oh, you can pass a ball and fake injuries? How cute), and one look at the music industry would likely cause him to commit suicide right there and then.


  • Robot Unicorn Attack

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    Most of us have played distance-based running games in the past, but it is unlikely that anyone will have come across a game as absurd as Robot Unicorn Attack. With the aim to reach a large of a distance as possible whilst running across rapidly-changing terrain that approaches very quickly, Robot Unicorn Attack is an extremely addictive and entertaining title, and probably the only flash game to have Erasure playing over the top of everything.


  • Learn to Fly

    Learn to Fly

    Some games are more established than others, however, and the addictive simplicity of Learn to Fly speaks volumes about developer Light Bringer and their ability to create a launch game that is both instantly accessible for new players, but challenging enough not to have players walking away after just five minutes. The game focuses on a single, dejected penguin that has been surfing the internet only to stumble upon an the accusation that his species is actually flightless. No matter how factually accurate this statement may be, this penguin simply isn’t happy with this and is determined to prove the internet wrong by allowing you to launch him into the distance time and time again.


  • Destructotruck


    Vehicle safety is no concern in this game, since your truck is basically indestructible and is designed to simply destroy everything in its path, allowing you to bounce from building to building and from vehicle to vehicle, causing thousands of dollars worth of irreparable damage along the way and collecting a share of the damage amount in order to spend on upgrades. It's a launch game as launch games should be, and it's more addictive than your average title of this genre as well.


  • Miami Shark

    Miami Shark

    Whether you are a fan of Jaws or have the desire to watch a city burn to the ground as a result of a shark, then you might want to consider having a go at Miami Shark, a highly-destructive shark attack game from Mausland.


  • Shell Shock Live 2

    Shell Shock Live 2: Simple Yet Addictive Tank Multiplayer

    If you happened to spend hours playing classic artillery-based strategy gam Worms when you were younger, there are very few games these days that can match that sort of fun. One of the very few that definitely has the potential to invoke some warm memories of Worms is Shell Shock Live 2, the sequel to an original that brought artillery-style gaming to the free-to-play online sphere of gaming. Though the idea of playing a game that is essentially 2D involving firing repeatedly at enemies doesn’t exactly sound original or enthralling on paper, giving Shell Shock Live 2 a chance will soon demonstrate that it is an experience far superior than any description about it can possibly hope to convey.


  • The Big 5 Mobile Games of 2014

    See which mobile games we think are the big 5 of 2014. There were so many to choose from so it was a tough call but we think we picked a fairly decent bunch to have a go at.


  • It's Alive Card Game

    An auction card game where players compete as mad scientists trying to bring a monster to life.


  • Sumeria Board Game

    Players try to bring the city-states of ancient Sumer to the fore. Each turn, players boost the importance of one of the city-states by flooding it with their traders, boosting its powe.