Diner Tapper Dash

Diner Tapper Dash

For those of you old enough like me, you may remember a certain little beer serving game launched by in the early 1980s on the arcade whereby you threw glass after glass of root beer down at the thirsty customers in a salloon setting.

It may sound like a rather primitive and repetitive game but for many of us playing as this fast and frantic waiter was both highly addictive and original. Later levels even saw you move planets to serve aliens.

Since Root Beer Tapper was developed by Midway we have had many games tried to unsuccessfully follow in the footsteps of Tapper through various crude browser remakes as well as some lousy mobile versions. Hell we have even had Midway launch a sequel purely on iOS with little success and an abandonment of what made the original so good to play.

Well let's step into 2017 and take a look at a colourful larger than life kid known as Flabby and he tries to serve super healthy smoothies to chubby lathargic customers. Diner Tapper Dash is actually the first real successful remake of Tapper but with some new twists and even more vibrance brought to drink serving.

We like to new additions of being able to upgrade and serve various smoothies which have dramatically different but equally powerful effects plus a robot that makes customers dance to it's tune.

What we like most about this rather amusing time management game is the game play is equally as fast and frantic as the original whilst updating the visuals and animations but not getting too carried away to the point where the main protagonist becomes uncontralable and sluggish.

It's early doors in it's development with a new themed stage to come but if your in the market for a nostalgic game which also leans towards the likes of Plants vs Zombies in terms of a having a defensive quality to the game then give this a chance.

Finger tapping whilst maintaining control of what becomes a rather cluttered and chaotic bar is no simple task so make sure you make full use of those additional smoothies you acquire along the way and try to find the right combination when throwing those super drinks at the parade of customers that come through your doors. Play Diner Tapper Dash online and is also get Diner Tapper Dash for Android and soon iOS. Happy serving guys!