Vehicle safety is no concern in this game, since your truck is basically indestructible and is designed to simply destroy everything in its path, allowing you to bounce from building to building and from vehicle to vehicle, causing thousands of dollars worth of irreparable damage along the way and collecting a share of the damage amount in order to spend on upgrades. It's a launch game as launch games should be, and it's more addictive than your average title of this genre as well.

As mentioned above, the aim of the game is to guide a truck down a ramp with as much speed as possible in order to launch it into the distance to cause as much damage on the ground as you can. You must press the 'right' directional arrow to make your truck accelerate down the ramp, being sure to press it when the traffic light flashes green.

Timing your initial acceleration to begin as close to the green light as possible will make you travel much faster down the ramp, but after that, the fate of your truck is largely in the hands of the objects on the ground and depends on which items your truck comes into contact with. You earn a percentage of the damage you caused at the end of each round, and with this money you can buy upgrades.

The upgrades are where the game really gets interesting because you begin with a standard truck that really doesn't travel very far and therefore doesn't really have the potential to earn very much money at all. As you save for upgrades though, you can afford improvements that will make your truck travel further, increase the damage you cause, and also affect the way your truck behaves in the air. Upgrading your bull bars results in the vehicle losing less speed when it hits an object, and bodywork/engine upgrades allows your truck to travel faster on the ramp and bounce off objects with more force.

Booster upgrades also let you continue your round if you are about to run out of momentum. Eventually you can even afford an extension to the ramp, and there is a whole other section of the main menu dedicated to the customising of your ramp's height and shape.

There are also a number of different objects that you bump into along the way that are worth differing amounts of cash. Houses and small structures are worth small amounts of money, but petrol tanker vehicles are worth $3000; these also explode when you destroy them, propelling you very far into the air.

Destructo Truck is by no means a flashy, visually-pleasing game, but its gameplay is addictive enough to make you want to play it through until you've upgraded your way to destructive success. As usual, NinjaKiwi seem to know exactly what players want in their launch games, and they give it to them in a well-designed and delightfully simple package with this truck launcher classic.

Never one to come out with a game that is less than brilliant, NinjaKiwi have a launch game ace up their sleeve in the form of Destructotruck. Destructotruck is a game whose title actually says it all, since you are responsible for driving a truck down a ramp and then essentially piloting it through the air in order to hit as many objects and cause as much destruction to the objects in your way as is possible.

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